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Special Thank you to those who helped shaped Lestatsmods


*** A HUGE thank you to tony who has helped a great deal with the internal PCB designs. ***


A HUGE thank you to Wood, from beatemups. thank you so much for reviewing my joy-cons I loved your video ( and all of your content )  Video here >>> <<< 


This is the part of my page to dedicate a 'thank you' to those who have helped. so this should grow in time.

Srednuas Evilc, thank you for you for your inputs, tips and pointers. 


I'd also like to thank Scotty Allen from 'strange parts' youtube channel as he has also helped pointing in the right directions. You may reconise him from adding a headphone jack to the Iphone 7. 

I'd like to thank Mark for his help on most of the images(come in time all image) he is a great friend of mine who help with my wedding photos and now my website, he is UK based so if you need a guy who knows how to 'shoot' with a camera he can be found at as 'Eternal Malice Photography'

Thank you, cindy minish princess for photo hints and tricks :) she has some AMAZING photos, storgnly fouscing on zelda themes find her work on instagram minish.princess 

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