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WARNING: Zelda joycons are HARD to get right now, so please expect a deley



Nintendo Joy-Con Mod With RGB L.E.D's you can have any colour you wich, controlled via a mobile app, set solid colours, fading cycling and even to the sound of music (that your phone can hear)



if you would like a SMALL reset button hidden on the back of the joycon to help charge/connect please state in the notes when buying, these are NOT needed, the right joycon can be fiddly to connect from a dead battery but it will, however a reset button makes this easier.


It is a small hole in the back no larger than the screw holes.


If you want them to come as normal then a normal order without a note and I won’t add one.


When you receive these joycons, you need to slide onto a docked switch, the light with then turn on, simply open the app and finds the joycons and turn off the LEDS via the app and allow to charge, this is all you need to do, the reset button is not needed, but if you feel you need them just ask and they will be added at no extra cost.

Joyconmod V10 Zelda Edition

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