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Q. How can I set a colour?

A. head over to the Bluetooth page for the controlling app

Q. I bet it kills the battery!

A. In fact... no, the leds use such a small amount of power that I have played my Nintendo Switch untill it was at 20% and the Joy-Cons showed a small amount of battery used.

Q. Do I get new joy-cons or do I send you mine?

A.You get a set of brand new joycons. no need to send me anything at all.


Q. what should I look out for now you have modded these joycons?


A. there are a couple of things, if you have watched beatemups review on youtube, you'll by now there is a small buldge, the right ever so slightly more than the left, but bear in mind I have added more tech into something that isn't built for leaving anymore space. the buldge is small, and getting better, but I will always be there, and it is really not that noticeable as they can still fit in grips.

secondly, battery drain isn't that bad as the LEDs are low voltage, however with you turning the leds off via the app the Bluetooth chip still looks to connect, draining battery when not used, keeping them docked you'll never notice this, the Bluetooth chip likes to take priority of the power, so I have v4.5 that a reset button is installed, pressing this reset button for 20secs each will fix that issues of dead battery and wont charge...if you left them to drain.

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