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UPDATE: Been a while since a update so here it is...

V7 launched! this removes the need for a reset button making it all look more stremline, when you get you joycons place into the switch while docked and youll see the LEDS turn on. then open the app and turn the LEDS off via said app, then allow to charge.

news number two, i now have dpad joycons go live today!



UPDATE: CODVID-1913/03/20

Is your PCB designer stuck at home as a result of the Coronavirus, and unable to get into work. I can put you in touch with a PCB designer who has worked from home for over 25 years, and would be willing to plug the gap for you until your regular guy gets back. Contact me via this website and I will put you in touch with him

UPDATE: 31/01/20

due to high orders im low on stock, i have ordered more in so please expect orders to take 2 - 3 weeks, thank you for your patience

UPDATE: 12/10/19

4.5v is official! now comes with a reset button on the rear incase of any connection issues, there with be NO extra charge for this upgarde and all oders since sept have been implemented with this upgrade. 

UPDATE: 16/09/19

more colours added! clear black and soft touch white

Paypal- if you do not use your discount code proved by wood( @beatemups), there will not be a refunt as paypal take a cut of the payment before i get it. thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE: 10/07/19

Switch docks now on sale!


UPDATE: 17/04/19

Pro controllers are in stress test phase

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